How to make Journal voucher entry in Tally?

Journal Voucher

Journal voucher is used when we do adjustment in the without cash and bank account. We can also make adjustment including cash/bank account if we have to make adjustment in more than two accounts including cash/bank.

Making Journal Entry in Tally
Gateway of Tally>Voucher Entry>Journal(Select Journal from button bar or Press F7 )
It will open the Journal Entry Screen

Example:- Without cash account -
If you have to pay interest to Mr. Jack.
then open Journal Voucher    
On Debit side specify the ledger of Mr. Jack 
On Credit side specify the ledger of Interest

Example:- With Cash/Bank entry:
Select F11 company features and specify 'Use cash account in Journal' Yes 
Suppose your have purchased Furniture on the cost of 15000 from Mr Jack
You paid 10000 cash and 5000 on credit to Mr. Jack
The Entry will be:
Debit Furniture 15000
Credit Cash 10000
Credit Mr. Jack 5000